The Strange Place Where Opportunity Hides

Experience. Travel. Listening to stories. Those are three things that can change your perspective about life, people, and opportunity.

The combination of experience, travel, and listening to stories has changed my perspective about people, and about finding opportunity in particular.

Marketers are always looking for opportunity. No surprise there. I used to think opportunity could be found by connecting with ‘normal’ people – people who owned nice homes, wore nice clothes, and lived nice lives in nice places.

But as I’ve experienced more, traveled more, and listened to more stories from people who don’t necessarily think like me, I discovered there’s a strange place where opportunity hides:

The Strange Place Where Opportunity Hides

The next time you look for an opportunity, whether it’s a new job, to break the oppression of loneliness, to find creative inspiration, or just to get a breath of fresh air, try talking to people who are strangers and meeting people who are strange.

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