The ROI of Attending a Distilled Conference—Quantified

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by anybody to write this post or to get in front of the camera and tell my story.

When was the last time you paused to evaluate if the actions you take are improving the quality of your life and the lives of others, both personally and professionally? I did this recently, oddly enough while I was doing my taxes. As I plugged in the numbers I realized that 2011 was the most fruitful year for my family.

Roughly 30% of my compensation is tied to hitting revenue, lead generation, and conversion rate goals. Like me, you know what it feels like to be held accountable to bring quantifiable results, especially if you’re an SEO or inbound marketer.

What does any of this have to do with Distilled’s LinkLove and SearchLove conferences?


So I invite you to watch the video to hear my story about the results and ROI of attending a Distilled conference.

C-level recognition

In 2011, our company revenue was 115% of the revenue goal, and there was C-level recognition that a key contributing factor to exceeding our revenue goal was from executing on tactics I brought back from LinkLove and SearchLove—so much recognition that I can attend any Distilled conference without going through the purchase order approval process.

To keep this from turning into a mini novel, I’ll share specific successes I can tie directly to Distilled’s conferences and why I believe Distilled designs the most ROI and revenue focused SEO conferences.

One idea—put in action—7100% ROI

I went to LinkLove with a big marketing problem, but no expectation it would be solved at an SEO conference focused on link building.

Wil Reynolds was the first speaker, and he shared a big SEO problem he recently worked through. After Wil told his story, he began unloading tactics. One tactic was product giveaways. And I remember vividly at that very moment I got the solution to my marketing problem.

I didn’t pay attention to the rest of Wil’s session, I was feverishly sketching out the idea so I could bring it back to my team to fully develop and execute.

Three weeks later, we had a landing page built, complete with a lead generation idea I got during the famed ‘Give It Up’ session, and a social media idea I got during a session with Russ Jones.

Our total marketing spend on this initiative was $15,000, and in 56 days we generated $1,105,000 in top line revenue. The extra cash flow compelled our board to give us permission to make several key new hires, specifically in our IT department.

If you want more specifics on this or you want to see the landing page, find me at LinkLove or SearchLove this year.

Link building tactic to get followed .edu links

Our company is a B2C in the higher education space. We’re not a college, but we compete directly with top-tier universities. And we didn’t have a single followed .edu in our link graph.

Stupid lame.

But that changed after executing on a tactic I got during a session with Justin Briggs. The tactic was simple enough, but something I never thought of—find patterns in content that .edu’s link to—create similar content, but better—launch outreach campaign—get followed .edu links.

It worked. And in the time I shot the video, we got another .edu link to the landing page I reference in the video. The landing page is currently converting at 16% (unique viewer to lead).

Blatantly obvious call to action

I could go on with the success stories because there are many more. But the last thing I want to add is that LinkLove and SearchLove are the only conferences I’ve ever attended where I actually felt like I was being mentored—and mentoring is something you can never put a price on because it pays dividends for years.

So, go to LinkLove and SearchLove. Make it happen. I hope to see you there.

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