Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is about starting conversations, offering value, and developing relationships to earn trust and build sustainable business.

10 Insights from a Molecular Biologist Turned SEO

When I heard Alessio Madeyski, the creator of the “Meet Your SEO” series, left molecular biology for a career in marketing, I was intrigued. It’s not a story you hear too often. Alessio’s the kind of person you want to … Continue reading

Why Marketers Should Be SEO, PPC, Coding and Copywriting Guru Ninjas

Really, why? Employers are looking for so-called Ninja Guru Wizards who can singlehandedly design and code landing pages, write copy, optimize for search, launch PPC campaigns and develop entire marketing strategies to achieve desired results and grow revenue. And online … Continue reading

Caring Is Alive

PR is dead. Social is dead. Blogging is dead. Oh, and SEO is dead (according to some guy on Forbes who interviewed an article spinner). Alright. If everything we know and everything we do as marketers is supposedly dead, maybe … Continue reading

How my 18 Year Old SEO Intern Generated $35,364 in Revenue in 30 Days

This post begins with a story. If you want to go directly to the actual marketing plan, the lead generation landing page and the results, scroll down. Wil Reynolds wrote a post about hiring two SEOs who got his attention. … Continue reading

How You Are Making Your SEOs Life Miserable and How You Can Stop

SEOs – the seemingly mystical creatures that live in the netherworld of the internet and usually only surface for beer or really expensive whiskey. Four years ago I launched a startup and I hired an SEO to help me with … Continue reading

An Outing Post: I’m Outing Myself – I’ve Done Crappy Marketing

Lately, it’s been an almost weekly occurrence for a blogger to out an SEO or marketing agency for supposedly doing things like buying links or buying Twitter followers. Of course, these bloggers can’t prove anything. Their outing posts are filled … Continue reading

Core Values: Create Them Only If You Can Keep Them

Does your company have core values? And are you keeping them? There is probably a textbook definition of core values. I have my own: Core values are simple to understand belief statements that tell the story about your company and … Continue reading

Why Marketers Should Become Friends with SEOs

In the past year I’ve been to four SEO conferences, all of them by Distilled. Between the four conferences I’ve met at least 100 SEOs. At the second conference I noticed a consistent pattern that played out when I met … Continue reading

Is Google Running an SEO Scam With Google+ and AuthorRank?

By now, you’ve experienced personal search results through Google Search Plus Your World (SPYW). But if you’re an SEO, blogger, or content creator have you considered how the connection between SPYW, Google+, the rel=“author” tag, and now AuthorRank could be … Continue reading

Get Paid To Get Off the Internet: Poll + $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Ask a Baby boomer where they were when they heard JFK was assassinated and they will remember. Ask me where I was when I heard Kurt Cobain died and I will tell you every little detail of that day. It’s … Continue reading

How to Write a Headline on Google+ That Gets Indexed and Clicked On

Headlines – I ♥ writing headlines. For copywriters, the feeling that comes from writing a killer headline must be the same feeling a sommelier gets when they discover and uncork that perfect bottle of wine. Well, that’s how I like … Continue reading

How To Get A Followed Link From Klout In 1 Simple Step

I sort of feel bad for Klout these days, you know with Pinterest being the site du jour for ego stroking and whatnot. And while Klout is probably one of those sites you love to hate and hate to love, … Continue reading

The ROI of Attending a Distilled Conference—Quantified

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by anybody to write this post or to get in front of the camera and tell my story. When was the last time you paused to evaluate if the actions you take are improving the … Continue reading

A Tale of Two SEO Agencies: How One Got Our Trust & the Other Didn’t

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens compares and contrasts Paris and London as they go through a time of societal revolution (that’s my take on it). Now I hate to use the word ‘revolution’, it’s so cliché, but … Continue reading

What a Moonshiner Taught Me about Inbound Marketing

Moonshine and inbound marketing? This is not a gimmick post, stick with me, I promise there’s substance here, but first I need to give you the back story. In the late ’90s the scene in Atlanta exploded, drawing celebrities, rich … Continue reading