Personal posts that are directly outside the realm of inbound marketing or copywriting.

The Strange Place Where Opportunity Hides

Experience. Travel. Listening to stories. Those are three things that can change your perspective about life, people, and opportunity. The combination of experience, travel, and listening to stories has changed my perspective about people, and about finding opportunity in particular. … Continue reading

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Do Those Who Teach Really Teach Because They Can’t Do?

I just watched the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup. When I watch an NHL team win the Stanley Cup I get emotional, regardless of which team wins because it’s the Stanley Cup and the Stanley Cup is the most … Continue reading

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Impressions of a Company that Thinks Beyond the Next Quarter: SEOmoz

This is a guest post from Shawn Cohen. I asked Shawn to share the story about his tour of SEOmoz. Shawn happened to time the tour perfectly – the day Rand announced to the world they completed an $18M round … Continue reading

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A Well-known VC Answers: Why Do People Become Venture Capitalists?

What exactly compels people to become venture capitalists? Recently, in the span of about a week I saw competitors to the company where I am the marketing director get $10M, $16M, and $35M in VC money. This got them written … Continue reading

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Leaders: Stop Telling Millennials to Change the World

For the past few years I’ve had the privilege of working with Millennials and getting to know many on a personal level. I can’t say I always counted it a privilege, but after taking the time to understand how their … Continue reading

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