In a zero attention span, low-trust world, your copywriting has seconds to capture people’s attention. Let’s explore how to de-borify your copywriting.

Will Your Content Ever Really Be Great Without This?

You have to create great content – it’s what every blogger on every inbound marketing, SEO, and social media blog is telling you. Create great content. Heard it 1,849,207 times. Got it. Thanks. Two questions for the Create Great Content … Continue reading

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The Slightly Bizarre, Yet Highly Effective Cure for Writer’s Block

If you write copy or blog, you get writer’s block. And you’ve probably tried various tactics to get over writer’s block. The problem is those tactics don’t work consistently, right? The cure I’m going to reveal is slightly bizarre, but … Continue reading

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5 Questions Every Copywriter Needs Answers To When Conversions Matter

You might be thinking, “Great, another stupid blog post with 5 worthless secrets about copywriting”. Nope. I don’t deal with so-called copywriting ‘secrets’ on the Altered States of Marketing blog. Well OK, there is one copywriting secret I can give … Continue reading

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