Caring Is Alive

PR is dead. Social is dead. Blogging is dead. Oh, and SEO is dead (according to some guy on Forbes who interviewed an article spinner).

Alright. If everything we know and everything we do as marketers is supposedly dead, maybe we could talk about something that’s alive?

Like caring – caring is alive. Caring and building a viable and sustainable business – they go together like Nutella and a fresh baguette.

Let’s explore this idea and then get into some practical action steps.

CaaS: Caring as a Service

CaaS – Caring as a Service – it’s a way you can deliver value and uniquely differentiate your marketing or SEO agency from your competitors. I believe you can out-care your competition and gain a competitive advantage. CaaS also works as a legit business-building strategy.


CaaS scales too. It scales down to your team.

If you talk about caring and you’ve got a track record of backing your words with action, you’re going to attract talented people who care and want to be on a team with people that care.

Just imagine what kind of experience your clients will have when they’re served by a team who delivers CaaS.

And you don’t need big budgets and tons of resources to deliver CaaS, it’s just something you choose to do and choose to lead your team to do.

The ROI of caring

Because caring isn’t a transactional marketing tactic, caring has the power to produce what every company and marketer dreams of – getting people to talk positively about you, praise your company and refer new clients to you. It works like this:

Although we share the same last name we’re not related. Ginger Cohen is David Cohen’s mom, the well-respected VC and founder of TechStars.

What’s a referred client worth to you compared to a client you acquired through pushing out paid media? What’s the value of retaining existing clients?

And think about what it would do to your revenue growth if you decreased client churn by just 10% and increased your referrals by just 10%. Work out the math on that to see the potential that delivering care offers you.

8 practical action steps you can take to show your clients you care

The key: this has to come from your heart. It’s got to be in the DNA of your company culture and you have to be consistent in delivering care to your clients.

  1. Caring is taking the time to understand the problems your clients face and then investing the resources you have to solve their problems.
  2. Caring is not hastily firing a client who won’t listen to you, but going to listen to them. Trying to resolve conflict before walking away is caring.
  3. Caring is only making promises you can keep – if you best solve technical SEO problems, don’t take copywriting work from your client knowing you can’t produce results. Find a way to provide an outside solution to meet your client’s need. Your client will love you for this.
  4. Similar to keeping promises, caring is saying ‘no’ to your clients. Caring is saying ‘no’ to risky or unethical marketing and SEO practices that could ruin your client’s brand and reputation.
  5. Caring is learning about your clients’ customers – who they are, how they think and how your clients’ products are uniquely positioned to solve their customer’s problems.
  6. Caring is letting your clients know how much you appreciate them. Caring is sending notes of thanks or unexpected tokens of appreciation like tickets to see their favorite football/fútbol team or a book that could help them succeed in business.
  7. Caring is more than sending monthly reports. It’s picking up the phone during the month and checking in on your clients. Human-to-human interaction that shows you care.
  8. Caring is publicly praising your team for doing their jobs with excellence and successfully executing strategies. This encourages your team to continue caring about the clients they serve.

You don’t even have to tell people that you care in your unique value proposition. There’s nothing unique about saying you care, it’s showing you care, which is very unique in a world filled with uncaring companies.

Build a reputation of over-caring for your clients and out-caring your competition and you will set your business on a trajectory of sustainability and long-term success.

Caring is alive and will never die.

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  • Jamie

    Good stuff bro. The Caas thing is neat. You might rank #1 for it :)

    • David Cohen

      Thanks, Jamie. I almost left the CaaS thing out of the post. Thought it might sound lame. Thanks for stopping by.