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David Cohen

What’s the ‘why’ behind Altered States of Marketing? Because an altered state of marketing can produce results which are significantly different from what most would call standard, and through this blog, we’re going to explore the ‘how’.

Personal story

After grinding out 27,000 hours worth of marketing and content strategy, lead generation, and product development I got the idea to launch a blog.

Thrilling, I know.

When I was 21 I got a job at a start-up marketing firm, literally started-up in the founder’s spare bedroom. Just he and me, crammed in a tiny room, selling how-to marketing kits to small business owners.

It was pure direct response marketing stuff. And I was learning from maniacal marketers like Gary Halbert, Robert Collier, David Ogilvy, and Claude Hopkins. In 2011 I began making the shift from direct response to inbound marketing.

I don’t have a Marketing degree. My creative doesn’t win awards. It’s all a mix of strategic and street-level stuff—stuff that has to produce and has to make money. If this blog makes marketing better, mission accomplished.

Send all hate mail, freelance work inquiries, or whatever to: explorionary[at]gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter and Google+