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Some Life Lessons Leart From Ballroom Dancing That Changed My Life

Ballroom dancing is one of the most common and widely popular dance forms. Even though I was new to this form, I am really happy that I have taken the right decision of learning this style. Interestingly, this is not just a dance form, but more than it. It teaches you a lot of real life things you might not have learnt otherwise. Here are some of the things I managed to learn from ballroom dancing and would also like others to know about it: .


Dancing like no one’s watching

The first thing I learnt from ballroom dancing is the secret to enjoy it. Even though I was a little hesitant at first, soon I understood the secret to learn it is to enjoy the music and just go with the flow. In fact, when you are on the dance floor, it is quite obvious to think about what others are thinking about you. In life, there will always be people who will watch you and criticize you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy living. Even though sometimes you need criticism for improvement, in other cases people might just want to bring you down. So, it is better to the dance ignoring all others.


You need to trust your partner

Ballroom dancing is all about couple dancing and so trust is important. In this dance form if you want to get the best move, you need to trust your partner and follow them. There’s no other secret to this form than trust. If you are the follower, you need to trust your leader. Again, if you are the leader, you need to trust your follower to make the right move. So, this is something that I have also learnt from this form of dancing.


Never be afraid to step on other people’s toes

Learning is only successful if you make mistakes, else you won’t learn any new thing. The same thing applies for ballroom dancing and you cannot expect to make the right move every time. Even I crushed by teacher’s foot and also my partner’s. But I was informed this is the sign of learning and it is absolutely fine. We often worry about others and worry about taking action against others. But ballroom dancing taught me that it is better to make mistake and learn from it. People who really care will surely forgive me and those who don’t will also get over it.


Live in present

Be it performing on stage or socially, you need to remember to always stay in the present. In simple words, you need to focus on what you are doing and not what happened with you at work that day. Even though it’s not easy to do that, but is essential to focus on where you are, what you are doing at that point and not worry about what might have happen.


Make mistakes

Even the most trained dancer might make a few mistakes here and there. But we are all afraid of making mistakes. This is completely natural. Most times we let this fear from allowing us to try new things and miss out on some of the outstanding and beautiful life experiences.

With that, these are some of the life lessons that I have learnt from ballroom dancing and I simply cherish it.